Background Picture

Meaning – As the name suggests the background picture, is an image that is placed in the background of a computer, a presentation slide or even a document, to reflect a theme or the mood of the foreground elements.

The most common example of a background image is the desktop wallpaper. A general user may use images that reflect their interests, moods or even a theme, but the ti  comes to organisations, there are some cases where the employees must use images of the company branding. This is done to maintain a uniform theme of across the workplace, and also remind the users subconsciously, that the contents on the computer are all linked to the company.

When it comes to presentations, brands or companies often have a watermark of their logo in the background to represent ownership over the contents of the presentations and this also helps avoid the piracy of the contents by unauthorised entities.

Example of usage“The designer used the image of his favourite personality as his background image to help keep him motivated at all times.”