Automatic Logoff

Meaning – Automatic logoff refers to the process in which the server or the system, automatically logs off processes or users after a set period of inactivity. This helps in the relieving of resources and their redistribution towards completing other tasks.

Usually, when a system or a server is running or hosting several processes, many a times, some of these processes are only required for a set amount of time, after which, they are not necessary, but are still kept running in the background, thus slowing the system down.

Using automatic logoff, the server of the system can be instructed to track such processes or inactive users, and automatically log them off. This relieves the strain on the CPU and allocates the resources toward other tasks, or other users that are more active and need the processing power.

Logged off users or processes can be restarted without any restrictions.

Example of Usage “The employee logged into this account and forgot about it, but thanks to automatic logoff, his account was automatically signed out”.