Asynchronous Communication

Meaning – Technicially speaking, the word asynchronous communication refers to a method of communication supported by the operating system that allows an exchange of data with a remote device, using either a start-stop line or an X.25 line.

Basically, asynchronous communication is when two or more people can communicate with each other, without the need to be present in a specific location, at the exact specific moment in time. This means that one user could start a communication thread with another user, and the recipient can respond to this thread when he/she is free.

Some of the most common forms of asynchronous communication include – emails, messaging platforms( WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Signal, etc.), Intranet, etc.

Thanks to the availability of internet connectivity all over the world, it is very easy to practise or employ the use of asynchronous communication. In fact, people today use asynchronous communication a lot more than synchronous communication, as the latter involves being present at the exact same time, in order to communicate.

Example of usage“The organisation holds meetings (Synchronous communication) once a month, while the rest of the days are handled using asynchronous communication (emails, messages, etc).”