After being founded in 2003 and later being acquired by Google in 2005 Android has overtaken market share once led by Nokia,Blackberry,Motrola.This free and open source software which is from the Linux family has run into lawsuit With Oracle which owns Sun Java platform after finding directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property.With only Apple’s Ios platform as the market leader and 550,000 Android devices are now activated by Google the future is perfect for Android Platform.Look out for the complete history in infographics and share it if you find it interesting.

The-Andriod-Story  The Android success story so far...[Infographics] android infograph

Infographic by Android Developers at [x]cubelabs

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  1. Sameer Agarwal

    Cool ! Check out this only other infographic on Android and its popularity timeline here –

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